Personal Injury


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Personal Injury FAQ 
Q: What to do after you are in an automobile accident? 
A. First, dial 911 to speak with emergency personnel, especially if you are injured. You will need a police officer to help you file a report and medics to treat any injuries you may have or to take you to a hospital. 
B. Take down the other party's information. Be sure to include their name, phone number, insurance information, driver's license number and license plate number. Even if something doesn't seem significant, you will need to remember it for future reference. Taking down notes regarding speeds, how the other person was driving and things they may have said may all come in handy in the future.
C. Get treatment for any injuries you may have 
D. Talk to a personal injury attorney at a law firm that focuses on personal injury and car accident law. 

Q: Do I have to pay for an initial consultation if you don't take my case? 
A. We do not charge for an initial consultation, and there is no obligation to hire our firm. In fact, we do not receive any compensation unless we recover money from the insurance company on your behalf. 

Q: How will I pay a personal injury attorney? 
A. We represent our clients on a contingency fee basis recognizing that injured people often don't have available resources to pursue their rights otherwise. This means that we will be paid fees based on a percentage of the amount recovered. Our fees usually range between 25% to 30%, while other attorneys charge 33% to 40%. 

Q: How much is my case worth? 
A. The value of every case is different. We carefully evaluate each case in great detail considering the type of claim, the injuries and damages suffered, and probable future damages. Monetary damages such as medical expenses and lost wages are objective and can be easily calculated. Other compensable damages: suffering, pain, scars and disfigurement, physical impairments, etc. do not have a predetermined value. We are committed to each of our clients and work diligently to recover the compensation you deserve for all recoverable damages. 

Q: Who will work on my case? 
A. An attorney is always working on your case. You can rest assured that you will have a skilled legal team working for you. 

Q: How long will my case take? 
A. No lawyer can promise you how long your case will take. Many things outside of our control can affect the timeline: the severity of your injuries, the length of treatment, the willingness of medical providers and the opposing party to cooperate, etc. Our many years of experience and talented staff enable us to manage your case effectively and efficiently in achieving the results you deserve in the shortest time possible.