bankrupt.jpgAt Jordan Legal Services, we know the stress caused by the constant collection calls, repossession notices, foreclosure notices and wage garnishments. We know that you do not want to file bankruptcy but know that sometimes life can be difficult and you need a fresh start. We are here to help you STOP WORRYING AND START REBUILDING. Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start so that you may be able to afford to support your family without the added stress of creditors breathing down your neck. We will guide you and advise you of your legal rights every step of the bankruptcy process.

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Q: How long does a bankruptcy remain on my credit report? 
A. Bankruptcies remain on credit reports between seven and ten years. Deciding to declare bankruptcy is a serious decision. That is why it is important to consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney so you fully understand the bankruptcy options and their consequences. 

Q: Will filing for bankruptcy end those calls from creditors and collection agencies? 
A. During the time you are working out a plan or your trustee is gathering and preparing your assets to sell to satisfy your debt, bankruptcy code dictates that your creditors must stop all collection against you. Once the bankruptcy petition receives the "Relief Ordered" stamp on the filing, you are protected. If a creditor still tries to collect directly from you after that point, you should immediately notify the creditor in writing that you have filed bankruptcy and provide it with either the case name, number and filing date or a copy of the filed petition. You may be entitled to take legal action. 

Q: How many times can I file for bankruptcy? 
A. An individual cannot file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if he/she has filed for Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy within the previous eight years. An individual cannot file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if he/she has been granted Chapter 7, 11, or 12 discharge within the past four years or Chapter 13 discharge within the previous two years. 

Q: How can I file for bankruptcy? 
A. We highly recommend you hire an attorney to file the required petitions. You must file a petition with the United States Bankruptcy Court in the district that has jurisdiction over you and/or your company. It must be signed under oath under penalties of perjury, and it must list all assets and the value of each, and the amount of all debts. 

Q: Must I still pay my bills after I file for bankruptcy? 
A. Yes. You must continue to pay your monthly bills, including rent, electric and utility bills, house and car insurance, and other regular bills.